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         Life Saving Mitigation Tools

Visualization and contingency planning can help support everyday Police Operations because it can mean the difference between life and death. Generally this is something only used by SWAT Teams. The reality is that all departments need to be progressive in their planning for routine police activity and response. There are valuable minutes of situational and reactionary activity occurring as responding units begin processing second to second developments and community exposure. 


Obstacles First responders have to be able to pivot from task to task as the priority during an up tempo situations and the response is constantly presenting new obstacles and life threatening scenario's. Rendering help to the communities we serve is an honorable obligation that poses a burden to act, adapt, and  often with disregard to ones own life. That's why Police and 1st Responders need the right training and the proper tools necessary to overcome the dangers of the job. SERE Industries is providing a second to none solution to mitagate these multiple senarios.